Top 20 Things That I've Learned From My Guests

Episode 141 November 22, 2021 00:31:47
Top 20 Things That I've Learned From My Guests
Top 20 Things That I've Learned From My Guests

Nov 22 2021 | 00:31:47


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#141 - Top 20 Things That I've Learned From My Guests



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Week after week I have the great privelege of chatting with some of the greatest minds in our industry... chefs, operators, marketers, founders, and more. I'm constantly overwhelmed by their generosity, and so I decided to sit down and share some of my all time favorites insights. They are listed in no particular order. I hope this prompts you to revisit some of your favorites... or maybe an episode or two you might've missed. Links and episode numbers are listed before for each. Enjoy! 


#1 - Martin Lindstrom - #112 - “It’s much, much easier to be a small player than a big player.” (LISTEN HERE)

#2 - Christopher Tunnah - #96 - “A logo doesn’t matter, fonts don’t matter, the business cards don’t matter.” (LISTEN HERE)

#3 - Peter Fader - #93 - “Frequency, Recency, and Monetary Spend” (LISTEN HERE)

#4 - Mark Schaefer - #106 - “80% of the marketing is done behind our backs.” (LISTEN HERE)

#5 - Kelly Cooper - #77 - “There are specific, tangible things you can do to make sure your business appears in relevant searches…. GMB, NAP credentials, backlinks, and reviews.” (LISTEN HERE)

#6 - Saleem Khatri - #52 - “The data is overwhelming clear… technology… specifically kiosk service helps us drive more revenue, cut expenses, and create a better guest experience.” (LISTEN HERE)

#7 - Bob and Kate Carpenter - #49 - “Respond to each and every review on Yelp… those responses are not for the critics, but for the people researching you. It’s an opportunity to show them what kind of an operator you are.” (LISTEN HERE)

#8 - Mike McFall - #138 - “If you follow the guidelines, you’ll never be out of position. Your staff will always know what they’re supposed to be doing at any given point in the shift.” (LISTEN HERE)

#9 - Zack Oates - #132 - “Restaurants are getting bigger and smaller at the same time.” (LISTEN HERE)

#10 - Shawn Walchef - #130 - “Invite your staff in to be part of the process. It’s one of the best ways to get buy-in. To do that, put a phone in their hand and ask them to capture something interesting.” (LISTEN HERE)

#11 - Andrew Scrivani - #126 - “Manage your expectations from the start… get it all out in the open.” (LISTEN HERE)

#12 - Ken McGarrie - #122 - “We want to think of this as an acute crisis, but staffing in the restaurant industry is a chronic pain. We may be feeling it more now, but it’s been there for a long time.” (LISTEN HERE)

#13 - Andrea Borgen Abdallah - #97 - “The way we pay people in this industry… in this country at least… is no longer working… and in order for the industry to grow again we will need to reconcile this.” (LISTEN HERE)

#14 - Adriane Mack - #128 - “We all have bias that we have to face.” (LISTEN HERE)

#15 - Yannick Benjamin - #140 - “Perspective is everything.” (LISTEN HERE)

#16 - Matt Plapp - #134 - “We need to put systems in place to build effective, efficient, repeatable actions to help us achieve our goals.” (LISTEN HERE)

#17 - Shawn Walchef - #130 - “It’s still all about location. It’s just that technology is redefining what we mean when we talk about location.” (LISTEN HERE)

#18 - Jim Snediker - #120 - "We think about all the details and yet the people bring our place to life, and often uniforms are an afterthought." (LISTEN HERE)

#19 - Renae Scott - #114 - “It’s all about brand filter.” (LISTEN HERE)

#20 - Steven Hall - #98 - “We sell air.” (LISTEN HERE)


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